“…an amazing singer and thoughtful lyricist…” 

- The Real Matt Jones, Singer/Songwriter

“Musically, [Dark Is Light] is rich- filled with powerful vocals and compelling harmonies...that will leave you wanting more….”

- Bryan Lopez, Ambient Notes

“The whole production is restrained and uncluttered, creating the perfect frame to highlight Caitelen’s stunning voice….” - Ken Byrd

Caitelen Schneeberger is a singer-songwriter, worship leader, multi-instrument musician, and recording artist, whose timeless and expressive voice calls the listener into the poetry of each well-crafted lyric. Drawing from her own story with refreshing vulnerability, she gracefully confronts the tension of finding beauty in brokenness, purpose in pain, and hope in seasons of suffering. 

Her prolific contributions to modern hymn and worship music include songs like “To The Table,” “Psalm 23,” “Doxology” and Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence, which have made their way into regular rotation in church worship services around the world. 

Ongoing collaborations with acclaimed animator Full Of Eyes have brought songs like the haunting Good Friday song, “It Is Finished (Tetelestai),” to audiences worldwide. Her latest release, “I Will Stand In Your Love” has been considered for inclusion in a major Hollywood film soundtrack. 

Full-time Mom of two, and part-time worship leader alongside her husband who pastors a church in Santa Fe, NM, Caitelen is currently working on a new album project set to release in 2020.